The Dissertation acknowledgements section follows the title page. In this section, students acknowledge the efforts of those who helped them with the dissertation. They also added the names of institutions and sources that guided them in completing their research. Moreover, students include thank-you notes to mentors, friends, and family members.

Furthermore, many students do not know about acknowledgement and how to write acknowledgement for dissertation. Therefore, if you are also seeking acknowledgement for a dissertation, this blog is completely for you. In this guide, we will help you understand what an acknowledgment is and the most important things to consider when writing an acknowledgment. Who to thank in your acknowledgments, dos and don’ts in acknowledgements. Lastly, ten best acknowledgement examples.

Important to write acknowledgements?

In order to complete the dissertation, you must attach the acknowledgement part. In this part of your work, you will thank all those who helped you in one way or another to achieve and complete this dissertation.

How do you research and write acknowledgement?

As we have mentioned above that many students don't know acknowledgements dissertation which is why they seek professional assistance. So, in this part of our blog, we have given some tips on how to write an acknowledgement for a dissertation.

Start with Gratitude

Acknowledgement is expressing gratitude. Begin by describing your academic experience and identifying the people who played important roles. It establishes a positive tone for acknowledgment when mentors, peers, or family members are acknowledged for their contributions.

Be Specific

While writing dissertation acknowledgements try to avoid generic statements. Personal acknowledgements must be specific. You only have to talk about the support you received.

Use Professional Tone

Try to maintain a professional tone during the entire writing process of acknowledgement for dissertation. This is because a dissertation acknowledgement can be a personal expression. You cannot express yourself using casual language or informal expressions.

Follow Guidelines

Different universities follow specific guidelines for dissertation acknowledgements. These guidelines ensure your acknowledgements align with the academic standards of your institution. So, before writing any acknowledgments, always check the guidelines. Different universities follow specific guidelines for dissertation acknowledgements. These guidelines ensure your acknowledgements align with the academic standards of your institution. So, before writing any acknowledgments, always check the guidelines.

Logical Order

When you write your acknowledgements, try to write them in a logical order. Start by mentioning those who help you in your research the most. Begin by expressing your sincere gratitude to advisors and committee members. Then, mention your coworkers, family, and friends.

Balancing Personal and Professional

Strike a balance between personal and professional support. While advisors and mentors can help you succeed academically, don't forget to thank your family and friends for their emotional support throughout your dissertation process.

Appreciate Every Resource

If your research was supported by grants or funding, also acknowledge these institutions or organisations. Recognising the financial and infrastructural support you received adds a layer of professionalism to your dissertation acknowledgements. Moreover, you can also avail of cheap dissertation writing services if you find issues while editing your dissertation acknowledgement.

End on a Positive Note

Last but not least, always try to conclude your acknowledgement positively. Your acknowledgement for dissertation must express your excitement about completing an academic milestone. It is appropriate to express your hope for more contributions to the field on the acknowledgement page. If you cannot write one, ask for a research paper writing service to help you out because a positive conclusion leaves a lasting impression on your readers.

What to Consider When Writing Acknowledgements

When you write acknowledgements for your dissertation, keep in mind to follow the guidelines: start by thanking those who directly help you, such as supervisors, defense committees, funding bodies, and other academics. Be specific about each person’s role and contribution, and balance heartfelt appreciation with brevity. Express gratitude while maintaining a professional tone.

Who to Thank?

The two main categories of acknowledgements: are professional and personal. The first step is to review your university's guidelines, as they may have rules or preferences regarding the order, phrasing, or layout of acknowledgements. Some institutions prefer that your acknowledgements remain strictly professional. However, sometimes it’s only necessary to mention people who directly supported you during your dissertation.

Acknowledgements Dos and Don’ts

In this section of our blog, we have listed some dos and don’ts that you must consider when writing your dissertation acknowledgements.


  • Write in first-person, professional language
  • Thank your professional contacts first
  • List all recognised professionals' full names, titles, and positions.
  • Add personal supporters, like friends, family, or even pets
  • Mention funding bodies and what they funded


  • Use informal language or slang
  • Go over one page in length
  • Mention those who contributed little to nothing to your work.

10 Best Dissertation Acknowledgements Examples 2024

Here are 10 dissertation acknowledgement examples to inspire you.

Example 1

I would like to thank you to my supervisor, for his advice and comments during this project. Thanks also to my sister XYZ, for helping me at every stage of my research work.

Example 2

I would like to thank my professor– Dr. XXX for his invaluable guidance, and support during the entire process of my dissertation. I would like to express my gratitude to the Faculty of XXX for providing the financial means for me to continue my education at the University of XXX's Department of XXX. I also say thank you to most professional Dr. XXX for her great help in guiding the direction of my experiment.

Example 3

I want to thank Mr. XYZ for guiding me and help me for the stimulating questions on artificial intelligence and automation. The meetings and conversations inspired me to think outside the box and from various perspectives in order to form a comprehensive and objective critique.

Example 4

I would like to thank XXX. for her support throughout this project. I would also like to thank Dr. XYZ. for his advice. Finally, I would like to thank XYZ. for allowing me to visit her and her explanation of various techniques help me a lot in writing the dissertation process.

Example 5

Thank to my professor and the chair of my committee for their invaluable support and feedback. Additionally, this endeavor would not have been possible without the generous support from the XYZ who financed my research.

Example 6

I am thankful to all my friends who have helped me, in completing my work on time. In all humility and appreciation, I am overwhelmed to express my gratitude to everyone who has helped me put these resources to good use.

Example 7

This work would not have been possible without the financial support of my family. I am especially thank to my father who have been supportive of my career goals and who worked actively to provide me with the support to pursue my goals.

Example 8

Lastly, I'd like to express my gratitude to all of the participants in my study. Their willingness to share their experiences and insights was invaluable to my research and contributed to this thesis's success.

Example 9

I would like to thank my parents, who have supported me from start to end. They are the ultimate role models. Most importantly, I wish to thank my loving and supportive sister, who provides unending inspiration.

Example 10

I would like to show my gratitude to my supervisor XYZ for her support and guidance. Throughout the research project, she was always eager to help in any way she could and gave constant encouragement. I express my gratitude to XXX. for offering guidance on the research analysis process.

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